Bluenose Curling Club keeps McLellan Cup


NEW GLASGOW — It was a rare occasion last Wednesday for the McLellan Cup at the Bluenose Curling Club.

The club was challenging cup holders from the New Caledonian Curling Club in Pictou and won the cup by an aggregate score of 46-38.

Among the unusual events were that four matches were played instead of the usual three and that local clubs seldom contest the cup at the same time.

The cup was offered in 1887 and first contested in 1907, but Bluenose skip Haylett Clarke examined the cup’s online records that showed that New Glasgow and Pictou first met for the cup in 1951. Pictou was the winner of the two games played by a score of 39-31.

“We got a little revenge this time,” Clarke said.

Most of the games last week were close. The difference was the 16-8 win the Bluenose team skipped by John Marshall recorded against the New Caledonian team skipped by Mike Murdock.

Rod McCarron’s Bluenose team edged Hugh Campbell’s New Caledonian foursome 10-9, while Clarke’s Bluenose team nipped Tom LeBlanc’s New Caledonian team 11-10 and Cliff Taylor’s New Caledonian team outscored the Bluenose team skipped by Devin Forbes 11-9.

No more challenges are in the book, although that could change as a club considers launching one, including those forced to cancel due to weather.

From left: skips Rod McCarron and Haylett Clarke, mate Peter Grant on behalf of skip Devin Forbes and skip John Marshall hold the McLellan Cup. (Goodwin photo)