Wellness Sessions being offered at St. David’s

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TONEY RIVER — The Moving Forward Action Committee of St. David’s Presbyterian Church in Toney River has scheduled three wellness sessions over the next three months.

Richy Gammon, who chairs the committee, described the series topics that include Dominic Boyd presenting on March 10 and May 12. Boyd provides local education and outreach for Alzheimer Nova Scotia.

His first presentation is titled Heads up for Healthier Brains pertaining to how people can reduce their risks of dementia. His second is called Coping Well in Difficult Times with regard to managing stress and anxiety in all ages.

Tammy Langille, a pharmacist at Fulton’s Pharmacy in River John, will speak on April 7 about the role of the community pharmacist in prevention, education and access to care.

All are welcome to the sessions, which are funded through a Pictou West Community Health Board wellness grant.

“I would think they will speak more about prevention than reaction,” Gammon said.

Gammon said a previous individual seminar featuring Dr. Rob Bush, physician in Tatamagouche, inspired the committee to arrange more sessions.

“He did a presentation on men’s health,” he said. “There’s a feeling in the group that well-being can improve with education and learning.”

Attending a health board meeting connected the group with Boyd, who is a board member. The result was a grant application and the board awarded the committee $940 that it received during a recent presentation in Scotsburn.

“Dominic called me before Christmas, so we put together an application for a grant,” Gammon said. “We decided to expand this to three meetings with different subject matter.”

Gammon said he considers the pharmacy session especially instructional for the audience.

“People have a general idea what doctors do but perhaps they don’t have a good idea what pharmacists do,” he said. “It’s a role today that’s changing and expanding rapidly. Everyone has gone through some measure of health issues. The more you’ve gone through, the less shock there is.”

Richy Gammon holds a program featuring the three wellness sessions scheduled for St. David’s Presbyterian Church in Toney River. (Goodwin photo)