Michelin to shut down production temporarily in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Featured Online First

Michelin North America Inc. will begin a temporary, phased shutdown of some of its tire production facilities in Canada and the United States in response to the broad effects of COVID-19.

The shutdown will occur in phases between the company’s Canadian and American operations and have a different timeline.

“Every plant is different and will have a different level of shutdown and timeline,” said Nicolle Vuotto, Communications, Michelin North America (Canada).

” In Nova Scotia, Michelin will scale back production at its three plants, but the details have not been finalized. The situation continues to evolve quickly, but we expect to implement a plan in Nova Scotia next week. ”

Distribution and logistics activities will continue to support customers through existing inventories. The company is monitoring conditions closely and has established appropriate contingency plans, prepared to adjust as the situation evolves.

“Michelin remains focused on the health and well-being of its employees and communities, and the Company is developing plans and revising policies to mitigate the financial impacts of this temporary shutdown on its employees,” says astatement from the company.