Breathe deep and enjoy nature


Editor’s Note: This letter was written before the closure of public places)

To the Editor:

I was out for a walk with Billy, my Aussie shepherd, today on the Jitney (Great or Trans Canada) Trail and I can honestly say it was perfect.

Anyway, hiking is now probably the very best way to deal with all this craziness. I manage to clear my mind breathing in that fresh air and letting the blue sky purge my memory banks. Like the Hindus, I like to let my mind slip into the vast nothingness.

The Buddhist OMMMMM does the same thing; my theory is that it breaks the neurological brain-vocal chord cycle by tying up the vocal chords with the sound so that vocal thoughts (we are constantly thinking verbally even if we aren’t speaking; electrodes placed on vocal area of throat show constant activity) are not created and fed back to the brain… this lets the brain languish in heavenly silence from thoughts, thus stimulating higher (spiritual) centres.

Hiking and non-thinking about greater things, above and beyond the man-made day-to-day worries, enable us to really appreciate the beauty that is NATURE. The birds have begun their spring songs; they are pairing up and competing for the right to, well you know what!

Get out and enjoy all of this. It is FREE for the taking! And remember: “All things work together for good.”

God bless and don’t stress.^

Eric M. Wilson

Cape to Cape Trail Committee