Police warn: Fines can result from not following public health directives

COVID-19 Featured Online First

New Glasgow Regional Police are issuing a stern warning that strict fines can result to those who do not follow directives issued by the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer.

Const. Ken MacDonald, public information officer said, “With the COVID-19 pandemic evident in the community, everyone needs to take these directives outlined in the Emergency Measures Act and the Health Protection Act, extremely serious. These measures of area closures and physical distancing are put in place to help protect the community against the COVID-19 crisis.”

Residents are encouraged to become familiar with and follow the required directives under the Emergency Measures Act and the Health Protection Act as they are meant to save lives, by slowing down the virus and flattening the curve. Not following health directives can spread the virus and place the most vulnerable in harm’s way.

“New Glasgow Regional Police would also like to thank those residents of all Pictou County who are following proactive measures and directives. Also a special thanks to many residents that are working long hours to help community, neighbors and family in these unprecedented times.”

For more information about the directives visit at novascotia.ca/coronavirus