At-home learning to take place while schools remain closed until at least May 1

COVID-19 Featured Online First

Students will find a new way of learning since schools across the province will remain closed until at least May 1.

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Zach Churchill sent a notice to parents on Monday informing them of the closure during these “extraordinary times.”

To keep students learning for the next four weeks, an online portal has been developed for families and teachers.

“For families, this site contains tips on reading with children, ideas for planning your child’s day, and appropriate online education tools.”

The site provides support to teachers in the form of lesson plans ideas and learning by low-tech, no-tech or high-tech.

Recognizing that not all families have access to technology, Churchill notes that all students in grades primary to 9 will receive at-home learning packages that will be distributed biweekly by Saltwire Network while students in grades 10 to 12 who require at-home learning packages will work with their individual teachers to address their specific needs.

“No child will be disadvantaged because of of COVID-19,” Churchill writes.

Grade 12 students who were on track to graduate will indeed graduate.

All licensed childcare providers in the province will also remain closed until May 1. The province will reassess the situation at that time.

Photo by Onderwijsgek at nl.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 nl,