Seeking info on former resident


To the Editor:

My name is Richard Baldwin and my wife’s grandfather came from England on a boat as a very young boy; born 1899, and stayed with a family, I believe named MacQueen, from 1911 to 1919 as a indentured servant. He was sent over to Nova Scotia through the Middlemore Children Home. Believed he lived Little Harbour/King’s Point.

He moved to Maine in 1919 and made his life in the U.S. until dying in 1954.

We visited the Pictou area a few years ago, but could find no more information.

Would like to find more about where he lived there and anything about his adopted family.

I know this is a long shot, but an interesting story of my wife’s family history we would like to track down.

Thanks for listening and any information would be appreciated. I can be contacted at

Richard Baldwin

Apollo Beach, FL