Candles in the window symbolize comfort and care

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NEW GLASGOW – Glen Haven Manor is placing candles in the windows of the long-term care facility as symbols of hope, comfort and care.

Glen Haven has placed battery run Hygge candles in the windows of Glen Haven while CEO Lisa M. Smith also asked others to keep their porch lights on as a sign of the commitment to stay home while also having hope to look towards the future when we can once again safety visit each other.

“These candles are an important part of our Hygge approach to care – providing coziness, warmth and comfort,” said Smith. “We ask each of you to turn your porch lights on at night to represent your firm commitment to stay home, to flatten the curve and as support for health care and other essential workers and their families. It is also a heartfelt sign of hope for a warm welcome in the future when we can visit with each other as we once did, without worry or fear.”

Hygge is part of the Glen Haven Manor approach to care which was adopted as a best practise following Glen Haven’s participation as part of a Canadian delegation in a Healthy Aging Best Practises Mission to Denmark more than a year ago. It is based on a quality of coziness and comfortable welcome that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being, regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture.

“Your loved ones are like family to us and keeping them safe is our top priority,” Smith expressed to residents’ families.  “As Nova Scotians we are known for our resilience, caring hearts and strong spirit. We must and will prevail!” Smith emphasized for all to continue to be “united and vigilant in protecting our most vulnerable and each other and to stay safe. Now, more than ever, it is important to remember home is where the heart is.”