Sending ‘snow’ much love

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Inspired by other acts of community and positivity, Lacey Morrell-Pierre decided she wanted to share the Nova Scotia spirit with everyone.

After the last snow fell on Pictou County, Morrell-Pierre had been out for a walk and realized that the fluffy snow and a large hill on her property were the perfect canvas to say hello to the world from her self isolation.

“Once I went back inside I told my husband, ‘I’m going to write a message on the hill and post it on Facebook.’” she said. “That feeling of connection throughout the world was lingering in my mind and I really felt like I wanted to do something more to contribute.”

To anyone on the ground, the hour that Morrell-Pierre spent creating her greeting may have looked a little strange as she acted out her plan strategically walking around the field. Every now and then, she shared, she would stop and have her husband send her a photo of her progress from their deck to make sure the letters were straight and she did not run out of space.

“I thought we would just take a photo from the back step, which is the shot of me standing next to the message with my arms up; but then I realized it would be amazing to have access to a drone,” Morrell-Pierre said. “Luckily, my friend Gene Mills lives nearby and was willing to come out, three times, to get the perfect shot, while competing with lack of sun and late-day shadows.”

It may have been her first time creating snow art of this scale, but next year as the temperature grows colder and the fluffy snow falls, she thinks she may give it another go.

Not just as a hello but as a message of positivity and hope, she had hoped that the message she created that said “With ♥ from Nova Scotia” would reach people from all over to show the true Maritimes spirit.

“I am proud to be from Nova Scotia for many reasons, one of the biggest being our authenticity and caring hearts,” she said. By the looks of the 1,000 plus times Morrell-Pierre’s photo has been shared, it is clear that her message and the love from Nova Scotia is being felt by the online community.

“People’s reactions have been amazing — so positive, warm and full of hope. I received a message from a woman who said that she was missing home and that seeing the photo pop up in her news feed gave her some comfort,” Morrell-Pierre said. “I have seen Nova Scotians who have moved away to new countries make connections through their family roots back here in NS. Friends sharing the post with each other because they wanted that message to be directed to them, because they were thinking of them and missing them.”

Morrell-Pierre is thrilled with the reach the photo has gained and said she wants the message to be for anyone who is struggling at this time.

She also shared an ask that she would like to put out to those who were inspired by the post:

“I would like to ask anyone who feels inspired by this post to do something with that feeling and not let it fade away. Reach out to someone who may be lonely, donate to the local food bank, post a song online for others to enjoy, call a family member that you haven’t seen in awhile, support a local business or offer to pick up groceries for someone who isn’t able to go out. Create an opportunity for positivity to grow and watch its impact. We have a lot of love to give here in Nova Scotia, we just each need to find our own way of passing it on.”

An aerial photo of the message Lacey Morrell-Pierre sent to the world from her backyard. Photo was taken by Gene Mills. (Submitted photo)