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Lisa M. Smith

NEW GLASGOW — During these days of mandated social distancing, many families are worried about their loves one in senior care facilities who they are no longer able to visit.

Glen Haven Manor is sending messages of comfort, love and reassurance to residents’ families and the entire community via video.

“Like the rest of the world, the onset of COVID-19 has meant many changes for our residents and for our staff,” explained CEO Lisa M. Smith. “The daily flow of family members to and from our residents’ home has been interrupted for weeks. For many of our residents who enjoyed regular outings, they are staying home, just like all of you, and this is a change in their routine. But together as partners in care we are protecting our most vulnerable, flattening the curve and taking good care of ourselves and each other.”

“There are many ties that bind us, demonstrating that Glen Haven is a home filled with caring, community, teamwork and a sense of belonging,” added Heather Shepherd, director of Quality & Resident Care.

The video features heartfelt messages delivered from six members of the home for special care’s team. It also mentions several examples of daily life at Glen Haven as the personalities of the residents and staff coming shining through.

“We wanted to tell you that our residents are doing well as our staff continues to put them first, work hard and to love the career that is their life’s calling,” said Smith. “The bonds and relationships our staff have established with your loved them make them like family and although they miss seeing you in person, as do we, they are surrounded by care, compassion and affection. Our team has been incredible in their strength and solidarity.”

Smith said the residents are also missing seeing family members, but she appreciates the fact that they are staying away as instructed to do by Public Health. “You are making a difference and saving lives,” she said.

She added that there were no cases of Glen Haven Manor as of the morning of April 8.

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