Teenager, mother create memorial at CEC for slain friend

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TRURO – When Courtney Ann Singer went crying to her mother in the middle of the night after learning a friend was killed, Courtney’s mother knew she had to do something.

Glenda MacDonald and Courtney decided to head to Cobequid Educational Centre in Truro to create a memorial for Courtney’s friend, Emily Tuck. Emily, 17, was one of 22 victims in a mass killing on April 18 and 19. So were her parents.

“When I think if anything like that happened to (Courtney), I would want her friends, classmates, teachers, and community to have a way to show how much she would be missed,” MacDonald had written on her Facebook status Tuesday night.

She and Courtney attended the school grounds, where they placed flowers, candles, and a teddy bear. They hope others will do the same, while maintaining social distancing, of course, “so the family knows she will never be forgotten.”

Similar memorials are being created throughout the county for the victims, including at Debert Elementary School were victim Lisa McCully was a teacher.
MacDonald said Courtney, a Grade 11 student and Emily, who was to graduate this year, weren’t friends for very long, however travelled in the same circle and had friends in common.

“They were just starting to get close before school let out for the extended March Break,” she said. “Courtney will miss Emily’s positivity. She always made my daughter smile, and they got along really well.”

On the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education’s website, Gary Adams’ post about the tragedy says Emily was an “intelligent, energetic, talented and beautifully unique student.”

MacDonald said Courtney has always had a big heart, and even started a fundraiser a few years ago for the food bank.

“She is a healer and she feels big,” she said of Courtney.

MacDonald and her daughter have been back to CEC only once since creating the memorial, and noticed more items had been placed. They were expected to attend again Thursday evening.

A small memorial has been started outside CEC in Truro as a way for Emily Tuck’s friends to remember the Grade 12 student. (Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now)