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Glen Haven supports aid to Northwood

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A local nursing home says it would support staff members who wish to help Northwood nursing home in Halifax.

Glen Haven Manor’s CEO Lisa M. Smith says that it is the right thing to do to support staff who wish to answer the call for help from Northwood.

“Northwood staff are our sisters and brothers. They are in crisis and they and their residents need and deserve support from across the health care system,” says Smith. “We are all in this together. If another Nova Scotia nursing home needed help, I believe Northwood would be there for them.”

She said the New Glasgow home for special care is willing to make adjustments to its operations in order to help Northwood. “If each nursing home could offer even, one or two staff, that has the potential to make a big difference collectively,” she explains.

“The safe quality care our residents here at Glen Haven is always first and foremost and we would ensure that would never be impacted. Fortunately, we have the capacity to make changes to offset a small number going to Northwood and have team members, including leadership, ready to take on extra duties to enable this to happen. Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones and to the staff who are also suffering from these losses,” said CEO Smith. “Staff in health care are special- it is a life’s calling and they devote their lives to helping others. For those in long term care they have decided to use that life’s calling to help our elders and the most vulnerable. It is a measure of their character and that is something to be respected and cherished. It is also core to who we are as Nova Scotians. Family, whatever blend that family might be-means everything to us. Residents become like family to long-term care staff and the bonds are strong.”