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Glen Haven Manor releases Team Canada Long Term Care video

COVID-19 Online First

NEW GLASGOW -”Protecting the most vulnerable will be a defining chapter in Canada’s account of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Lisa M. Smith, CEO of Glen Haven Manor.

“It will be a measure of how our Canadian values and character stood up in the most difficult of hardships and darkest of hours. This includes valuing the work of those who are providing care in these unprecedented times. The essential value of this work is being revealing more and more every day.  Our society values youth most when we should respect and value every age and every lifetime, especially the elderly who are the guardians of wisdom, storytellers of our history and were the stewards of our families and communities.”

Smith says being on any team means conquering the unknown together and sites Terry Fox as a Canadian hero who showed us 40 years ago, “the difference one person can make through strength, determination and the courage to do what was thought to be the impossible.”

The CEO explains that a new video they developed features those on the front line, from CCAs to LNs and RNs alongside one of Glen Haven’s co-medical directors and a team member responsible for nutritional and environmental services, who collectively  representing the many facets of taking care of long-term care residents in an environment that is their home.

“The video also communicates the pride long term care workers take in being in a profession that has such a noble purpose and is more than a job but rather a calling,” she adds.

Glen Haven has released four videos since the beginning of the pandemic with this one focusing on a united approach that acknowledges the elderly as the builders of our communities, protectors of our nation and architects of our freedoms. The video asks Canadians to stand united as a part of long-term care to break the chain of transmission and to plank the curve.

Smith calls health care workers beacons of light, hope and strength. “Our residents are your families and the ties that bind us are stronger than ever,” Smith says. “Our team is united and unwavering. We are protecting your loved ones and each other” and also thanks residents’ families for their uplifting messages.

The Glen Haven CEO also speaks about the importance of unity as a province and as a country to support these front-line health care workers who have become superheroes which in turn protects all of us better. “Every choice we make each day paves the path to our future,” said Smith.

“The video is a call for everyone to do their part, to recognize we are all part of Team Canada Long Term Care and to stand united behind long-term care to give  support when needed and also to always work together to protect our most vulnerable and each other.”