Online Art at Night a hit

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The annual public art show held in downtown New Glasgow may have taken a bit of a hit not being able to physically host the show that spans several blocks and many venues, but Art at Night organizers managed to put to together a virtual online show for people to browse and even buy from the safety of their home.

“The event seemed like it was a huge success. Throughout the night we had approximately 16,000 clicks, in ways of posts, comments, or reactions. Of course, it’s really hard to compare to our physical event because nothing keeps track of these tangible numbers, but we are extremely happy with how things went,” said Ian Grant, event co-ordinator.

Board members worked behind the scenes all night on Saturday to keep the online event flowing smoothly.

Organizers received praise this year from online spectators for how far-reaching the online platform made the event allowing those a bit further away to take part.

“I definitely think there is a way we could incorporate an online aspect to our event in the future, but I don’t feel anything can replace the experience of being downtown with thousands of other people, walking through all the displays, with music filling the air,” said Grant. “Of course, the future right now is slightly unpredictable in terms of crowd sizes, but we’ll take everything as it comes and see where things go.”

Although everything went well for the event that was organized quickly to comply with public health rules, Grant shared that there were some downsides such as those who might not have access to the internet or have a Facebook account.

“In the future, if we do incorporate any online aspect, we could look into expanding our platforms, but in the time we had to put this together, it definitely was the most simple and most accessible medium of sharing the artwork.”

The event proved to be a hit and a welcome distraction for those who have been stuck inside for more than a month. It was also a helpful boost to the local economy with artists being able to share and even sell some of their work online in a time that many are not having the chance to take in local art and culture.

“One piece that we thought was really cool was being able to see the interactions in the comments under pictures and videos. It’s not something we see during the physical event, and it was really great to see that,” said Grant.