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Pictou County Yoga helps quarantined clients with home workouts

Lying on the couch and getting to do nothing all day for quarantine might sound ideal to some, but those with a workout routine have been finding ways to keep themselves active in their households.

Pictou County Yoga and Fitness has been helping out with the active instruction for many that have to remain home, reaching out to clients online and encouraging movement.

Kelly MacLeod has been teaching for 20 years and after a streak like that it’s hard to just stop, which is part of the reason she wanted to get up and moving as well as hosting online classes. She has moved Pictou County Yoga into the limelight and continues to Shine On during the pandemic. Because of this Pictou County Yoga has been nominated to The Advocate for the Shine On campaign.

“It’s all though Facebook,” she said. “It’s yoga and fitness.”

The classes that take place daily are something MacLeod also wanted to set up after the state of emergency was called the the regular studio had to close.

With the help of MINDBODY: Fitness Salon and Spa application MacLeod has participants sign on and pay a drop in fee of $5 rather than the in-studio drop in of $10 since the class is at home and not using the studio equipment.

With a lot of communication through Facebook with clients MacLeod figured it would be the perfect place to host and advertise the online classes. Once people register they are added to a group where the workout is posted for 24 hours where they can take part in the class when they have time.

“It’s partially for my own sanity,” laughed MacLeod. “I’ve been teaching for 20 years now, it’s hard to stop.”

She added that the classes have definitely not only been to her benefit though as she has been receiving messages of thanks for the workouts and that extra little bit of normalcy the routines and workout time has provided to those that take part.

“In general no matter whether a pandemic or not it’s important to take that time – even a half hour to focus on you,” said MacLeod who acknowledged that mental heal is and can play a big part in how people deal with the pandemic.

One of the biggest benefits to at home guided exercise though? No one else is around! For some people it might seem a bit daunting to walk into a studio with a bunch of strangers and try something new but with at home classes none of that self consciousness is there.

“Maybe give it a try because there is no one else around,” she shared. “We do basic yoga so it is available for all levels.”

MacLeod added that she will continue the classes as long as needed as she has been getting lots of positive comments and messages on the classes. As things around the county do begin to reopen she said it will not be back to normal right away for the studio as they are still a small space but she is looking into alternatives such as rooftop yoga, which is something that the studio will host sometimes in the summer.

Anyone wanting to nominate a business in the Shine On campaign can do so by connecting with the Shine On link on our website,, or dropping a handwritten nomination with the business’s name, as well as your name, email address, phone number and reason for the nomination into our office at 21 George St., Pictou. You can also nominate your own business.