Kudos to all long-term care facilities in county


To the Editor:

I read with interest your article on the success of the local long term care homes in combating the COVID pandemic. The local management and staff at Glen Haven and Valley View did very well with implementing their plans early and deserve our thanks for the care provided for their residents.

I think that it is only fair, however, to add a commendation to the other long-term care homes in the county in Pictou, Trenton and New Glasgow for their efforts at combating the disease and taking care of their residents. Furthermore, I also think that you should make mention of the care homes for disabled residents in the county managed by the Riverview Home Corporation and Highland Community Residential Services whose management and staff also did an exceptional job in implementing early their plans to combat the disease and protect their residents and to add to the current success in overcoming the pandemic in the county.

A deserving thanks to them all and to your article for recognizing their efforts.

Roger Swarbrick