Local fisherman catches rare albino lobster

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It was a once in a lifetime catch for AJ Francis on Wednesday when he pulled his lobster traps out of the water and found an albino lobster nestled among the other lobsters.

Albino lobsters are often referred to as a one in a million chance or one in a million catch so it certainly caught the eye of the fisherman and his crew.

AJ Francis with his rare albino lobster. (Brimicombe photo)

“I’ve seen many blue ones, never an albino,” he said when he landed at the Pictou Landing First Nation wharf.

“I was excited, I stopped working to take pictures,” he laughed. 

He shared that the lobster was caught off of Big Island.

As for the lobster’s new home, Francis is hoping to get in touch with the Northumberland Fisheries Museum in Pictou or one of the local Sobeys stores to have the lobster stay in a tank so others can also have a chance to see the rare crustacean.