Moving forward in a positive way


To the Editor:

In these times of despair and uncertainty our minds are probably not focused on what used to be just another normal day.

Here in Nova Scotia we have experienced so much tragedy that it’s hard to move forward without thinking about others who have had the rest of their lives disrupted by senseless violence and disease and unfortunate accidents. Though our thoughts go out to them their sores will probably never heal.

What we can do is make sure that whatever decision we make is to ensure that we don’t rush into opening businesses that are not essential and try to be patient until a vaccine is established. I know patience is growing thin but lives are more important and we can’t think of just ourselves.

I made this quote before but remember: Love the ones God sent you because someday He will want them back.

Be kind to one another and we can get through these tragic times.

Mike Adamson

Toney River