Santa’s coming on Saturday

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Santa Claus is coming to town!

It’s true. The jolly old elf in red, who is normally enjoying some much needed rest this time of the year, will be visiting Stellarton on Saturday. Not to drop off toys, rather, to just say hello and boost morale during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A post on Stellarton Fire Department’s Facebook page tells of the impending visit:

“Earlier this week we received a phone call from the big guy up at the North Pole. He wants to come for a visit and see our wonderful residents. But he wants to do it in style. He requested that we bring him around town just like we do for him on Christmas Eve. So that means we are doing a little Christmas in May,” the post says.

Beginning at approximately 11a.m., volunteer firefighters will be bringing Santa around on top of a fire truck. From the comfort and safety of your own front step, window or yard, you’ll be able to wave back to Santa as he makes his rounds.

 It’ll be another seven months before his next visit, so if you have the chance, give Santa a wave on Saturday.