It’s wine o’clock somewhere

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It’s almost something out of a dream. You’re stuck at home and all of a sudden an amazing gift of wine, candy, and self-care products comes from nowhere to land at your front door.

This isn’t the stuff of fairy tales but it is certainly a little bit of magic that others are spreading in Pictou County.

After having been a part of a group that has since been shut down, Melissa Cyr and Angela White wanted to continue the magic and cheer of the wine fairy.

Pictou County Wine Fairies is a Facebook group the two began that allows members to post their address to a central post and a fairy will make up a package and deliver it to them. Once you have been gifted by the wine fairy, you remove your name then you can become a wine fairy and choose someone off the list to surprise with a gift.

“I know I personally loved being a fairy in the other group and spreading a little happiness and wanted to give everyone the chance to spread the joy and maybe receive a little, too,” said Cyr. The previous group the women based the idea from covered all of Nova Scotia so they decided to go a bit more local and keep it in the county.

“So far I have been able to be a fairy to 10 lovely ladies and have a few more to do …but really we have our amazingly kindhearted members to thank for all the kindness being spread throughout our community,” Cyr said. She added that if you are able to be a fairy to others it is appreciated but they understand that not everyone is able to do that so no one is expected to. Some who might not be interested in receiving but just giving are also welcome to join in and spread the cheer.

“The fairy gifts are all different. Depending on your fairy, they range from wine, coolers, snacks and other products such as cups, bath stuff and so on,” she said adding that it’s the thought behind the gifts that counts.

Those who have been gifted are also encouraged to share photos of what they received from the fairy.

The gifting does not stop at wine, however. A Pictou County Junior Fairies group has popped up as well which uses the same idea but rather than wine, small gifts handmade or store-bought are given.

“We are all going through a difficult time due to COVID-19 and all the sadness that has been in the news, it’s nice to remind people that we are in this together and that there are still kind people out there,” said Cyr.