Stellarton Council marks Davis Day

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Today, William Davis Miners’ Memorial Day, Stellarton Council laid a wreath to honour those who lost their lives in mining accidents.

This day represents the anniversary of William Davis’ death in 1925. Davis was a miner who tragically died during a protest aimed to gain access to water and electricity after the coal company had cut off these resources. Since then, William Davis Miner’s Memorial Day has evolved to become a day to remember all miners that have been killed in mining accidents.

Stellarton has a rich history of coal mining exploration and operations. Many community members have dedicated their lives to the mining operations and some of them lost their lives to their craft.

Pictured from left are: Coun. Bryan Knight, Coun. Garry Pentz, Buzz MacCallum, Ed MacCallum, Mayor Danny MacGillivray, and Deputy Mayor Susan Campbell. The MacCallum brothers lost their father, Edward MacCallum, in the MacGregor Mine explosion on January 14, 1952. Edward and 18 other miners lost their lives that fateful day.