The power of positivity

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Travis Francis has absolutely no room in his busy life for negativity of any sort.

He started his own business, Lucrative Apparel, just three months ago and it is taking off like a speeding bullet.

“It was one of my dreams.”

He had been lobster fishing prior to COVID-19. In an effort to keep his family safe, he decided to stop fishing and concentrate on his own business.

He and Lucrative Apparel have been getting a lot of social media buzz lately when he created and sold Black Lives Matter T-shirts and hoodies and created a Social Justice / Leadership Award to be given to one black student and one indigenous student.

He believes passionately in equality and justice and works hard to keep positivity in his busy life and booming business.

“We should really think about what we’re saying and be mindful of our cultural differences,” he says.

Racism exists and has to be addressed, he knows. “But for me, I’m just trying to be more positive.”

This positivity comes at the end of the long road for Francis who grew up in Pictou Landing First Nation.

“Over the years I’ve struggled with addictions. I wasn’t always a good person, was kind of bad-ass, in a rough place, depressed, for the longest time. “

Francis turned his life around. He changed his habits, his associates, his lifestyle and his atmosphere.

“Now, I just want to have an impact on our future generations and help people.”

That’s one of the reasons he created the Social Justice / Leadership Award and it led him to work with New Glasgow’s Jalen Johnson who is doing some modelling work for Lucrative Apparel.

Johnson writes on his Facebook page: “Having the opportunity to work with Lucrative Apparel (@getyamindriight) on this #BLM design has been one of my greatest accomplishments in bringing awareness to the cause. I am a young black man with Indigenous cousins, brothers, and sisters so playing a part in this recent success has been very joyful for me. I am thankful for everyone who has joined us in contributing to the Social Justice/Leadership Award which has already awarded grants of $1000 to … Black/Native graduate students at NNEC (my former high school). Let’s keep spreading awareness through supporting the movement together as ONE.”

Francis says, “I’m working on another brand with him and what he’s been through.”

Today, he is busy working on his website, new designs and new business opportunities.

Stayed tuned for more on that in the coming months.

Francis has a simple message for anyone who is struggling: “It’s never too late to turn your life around and just take it day by day. Always be grateful.”

Travis Francis with his partner Shania Joe and family. Since this photo was taken he has become a proud father to a another baby girl.