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Safe grad – virtually

COVID-19 Featured Online First

COVID-19 has meant the cancellation of graduation ceremonies, proms and safe grad events.

This year. students from all three high schools throughout Pictou County will be able to view virtually, the devastating realities associated with texting and impaired driving and the realities emergency responders face each time they respond to a crash involving teens. This year due to COVID-19 and the inability for students to view the mock crash, Pictou County Emergency Service and MADD Pictou County have partnered together to present a virtual safe grad message.

 Alcohol and or drugs and driver distraction are the three leading factors in fatal and serious injury collisions in Nova Scotia. The students will be able witness a virtual mock collision which will display a  graphic representation of the emotion of the victims of a collision and the professionalism and skills of emergency responders to treat the injured.

“This virtual mock collision will show the realities of making an irresponsible decision to text and drive and to drive impaired”, says Const. Ken Macdonald of MADD Pictou County. “We hope that students will make safe and responsible decisions during their graduation by witnessing the virtual mock collision and the consequences of texting and driving impaired.”

In the last several months safe graduation has taken another very important safe graduation message due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year emergency services has partnered with the Aberdeen Hospital to provide an important health message to practice physical distancing and good hygiene by washing hands during all graduation activities.

The virtual mock crash can be viewed on several Pictou County Emergency Services and Pictou County Regional Emergency Management Organization websites and facebook pages.