MacMillan, Davey Academy medal winners

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DITOR’S NOTE: The Class of 2020 is one for the history books. The threat of COVID-19 has cancelled graduation cemeonies across the province and beyond. While traditional graduation ceremonies could not be held, grads at each of the high schools in Pictou County were given their moment in the sun

The smiles on the faces of Nina Davey and Naomi MacMillan could not be any brighter. Not only did they graduate last week from Pictou Academy but they also received many awards, bursaries and medals.

MacMillan was The Town of Pictou Gold Medal winner and also received the Governor General Medal and the Tupper Gold Medal. She also received a Scammell Bursary valued at $15,000.

Davey received the Queen Elizabeth II Medal and a Scammell Bursary valued at $15,000.

Silver Medalist was Kyle McDowell who also earned who also earned a William & Roslyn MacDonald Bursary valued at $1,300.

The Ian Wisener Memorial Trophy (Athletics, Leadership and Scholarship) was won by Cassie Clarke who also received a William & Roslyn MacDonald Bursary valued at $1,300.

Awards and their winners are:

PAEF Awards:

Chester and Barb Roach Memorial Scholarships ($2,000 renewable for up to three years), renewed by: Mackenzie Reid, Patrick Minehan and Tim Shea. This year’s winners, Elias MacMillan.

Ethel A. Harris Scholarship: Naomi MacMillan

Maude Sutherland Bursary: Naomi MacMilllan

Kevin Gillis Memorial Award: Jeniffer Kippax

David George Johnson Memorial Award: Nina Davey

Miss Mary MacKay: Ethan Welsh

Donald Blenkhorne Bursary: Beyoncé Gibbons

Patterson Bursary: Beyoncé Gibbons

Gordon Bursary: Gavin Hiltz

Frank I. Huelin Scholarship: Gavin Hiltz

Claude J.W. Kedy Award: Kyle McDowell

William H. Harris Bursary: Baillie Langille

McLure Bursary: Cassie Clarke

Robert and Catherine Ross Memorial Bursary: Elias MacMillan

Rev. A.A. Smith Scholarship: Kyle MacDowell

W.T. Ferguson Bursary: Rebecca Young

MacKenzie Bursary: Naomi MacMillan

C.B. Robinson Prize: Rebecca Young

Crerar MacDonald Bursary: Rebecca Young

Dr. Mary MacKenzie Smith Scholarship: Naomi MacMillan

Fisher Bursaries: Naomi MacMillan and Kyle McDowell

Heighton Memorial Bursary: Elias MacMillan and Kyle McDowell

E.M. MacDonald Award: Jordan Welsh

Clarence Wong Memorial Bursary: Naomi MacMillan

Mary Osmond Memorial Bursary: Evan Shea

Robert Kennedy Memorial Bursary: Dylan Joudrie

Purves Loagie Bursary: Naomi MacMillan

The Stephen Russell Memorial Prize: Naomi MacMillan

PA 200 Bursary: Gavin Hiltz

Pictou Academy High School Graduate Awards:

Brenna Dwyer

Madison Scanlan

Aidan LeBlanc

Keegan Walker

Jamie Bate

Ethan Dewar

Ethan Myers

Allie Sutherland

Lucas MacRae-LeBlanc

Lucas DeFazio

Jackie Sarson

Warren Christie

Austin Feltmate

Edna Sproull Williams Awards for Subjects:

Highest Standing Girl in English 12: Naomi MacMillan

Highest Physics 12: Naomi MacMillan, Rebecca Young, Kyle McDowell and Isaac MacDonald

Highest Standing Boy in HGS 12: Kyle McDowell

Highest in Math 12: Evan Talbot

Highest in GGS 12: Ethan Welsh

Highest Calculus 12: Naomi MacMillan and Rebecca Young

Highest in HHS 12: Cassie Clarke

Second Highest in Biology 12: Kyle McDowell

Second Highest in French 12: Beyoncé Gibbons, Kaylen Musick and Aidan LeBlanc

Second Highest in Math 12: Jordan Welsh

Second Highest in Pre-Calculus Math 12: Kyle McDowell and Isaac MacDonald

Second Highest in GGS 12: Nesscha Quintanilla

Second Highest in Chemistry 12: Isaac MacDonald

Second Highest in HHS 12: Beyoncé Gibbons

Community Organization Prizes:

Shiretown Dental Bursaries: Nina Davey and Beyoncé Gibbons

The Rotary Club of Pictou Award: Kyle McDowell

Pictou Academy Alumni Staff Bursary: Nesscha Quintanilla

Sobey Scholarship: Elias MacMillan

MacIntosh, MacDonnell and MacDonald Scholarship: Nina Davey

Canadian Legion Branch 16 Scholarship: Ben MacDonald

Monarchist League of Canada-Northumberland Branch: Jessica Pardy

Pictou Lions Club Centennial Award: Nina Davey

Caribou Womens Institute Award: Brody Smith

Princess Rebekah Lodge #4 Award: Cassie Clarke

Nova Scotia Teachers Union Bursary: Cassie Clarke

Grohmann Knives Ltd Award: Hayley Muise

Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital Foundation Health and Wellness Scholarships: Naomi MacMillan, Kyle McDowell and Nina Davey

United Commercial Travellers Pictonian Council #879 Bursary: Elias MacMillan

Pictou Garden Club Prize: Rebecca Young

Grohmann, Sachs and Babinec Family Bursary: Nesscha Quintanilla

Murphy-Ryan Bursary: Alex Desjardins

Wyatt MacPhail Memorial Bursary: Isaac MacDonald

Pictou County Heart & Stroke Foundation Bursary: Naomi MacMillan

Pictou West Liberal Association: Naomi MacMillan

Eastern Star Lodge Bursary: Nina Davey

Ronald Sutherland Memorial Bursary: Naomi MacMillan and Elias MacMillan

Donald MacInnis Bursary: Nina Davey and Kyle McDowell

The Rear Admiral Leonard Warren Murray Bursary: Elias MacMillan

Ancient Free and Excepted Masons of NS Bursaries: Naomi MacMillan and Rebecca Young

Pictou County Municipality: Elias MacMillan and Kaylen Musick

King Freight Lines Bursary: Darwin MacDonald

Women on Fire Bursary: Nina Davey and Cassie Clarke

Davey Memorial Bursary: Naomi MacMillan

Jeana English Memorial Bursary: Edward Roberts

Dodson Family Bursary: Rebecca Young

Jean Dickson Bursary:Nina Davey

Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union Bursary: Naomi MacMillan

Pictou County United Way Bursary: Nina Davey

Mahar Memorial Scholarship: Gavin Hiltz

Porter Memorial Bursary: Cassie Clarke

Outside Scholarships:

Elias MacMillan has been awarded a scholarship from Dalhousie University

Cassie Clarke has been awarded a scholarship from Mount Allison University

Beyoncé Gibbons has been awarded a scholarship from Mount Allison University

Kyle MacDowell has been awarded a scholarship from Dalhousie University

Nina Davey has been awarded the Harrison McCain Foundation Scholarship from StFX and a StFX Alumni Association Scholarship

Pictou Academy graduates Nina Davey, left, and Naomi MacMillan received Scammell Bursaries valued at $15,000 each. Making the presentation at the home of Helen Scammell who provides the bursaries were, from the left, back row: Luke Young, president of the Pictou Academy Educational Foundation; donor Helen Scammell; and school principal Starr Pettipas. (Jardine photo)