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Simply for Life ‘Shines On’ during pandemic

COVID-19 Featured Online First

It’s no secret that many people fell off the diet wagon so to speak during the pandemic quarantine as so many turned to snacks and television to pass the time.

Although many stores shut their doors completely, local business owner Rachel Francis of Simply for Life made sure that coaching, consultations and the retail part of her business was open so her clients could keep on track and be able to get clean eating snacks to help them do that.

During the worst of the public health orders Francis was running the business by herself and filling pre-orders where customers would drive up to pick up their purchase as well as taking phone calls and holding  online meetings for those who were still seeking coaching.

“They’ve all found the pre-ordering useful so they can get their clean snacks,” said Francis. “We’ve heard from so many clients about what it means to them to be able to talk, not just about weight loss.”

She added that along with physical health the programs she offers also focus on mental well being. Currently, as restrictions have begun lifting, Simply for Life has opened its shop doors with reduced hours, although pre orders to avoid physically going in are still available.

Through the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic Francis saw slow days and great days as more people began to support local businesses to help them keep their lights on.

“A couple of weeks into this my business had the best numbers I’ve ever seen,” she said.

With lots of Facebook promotion and so many people at home craving those snacks and wanting to eat clean, Francis was thrilled with the support. She has also had a lot of support recognizing how hard she has been working to make all of this happen, including being nominated for The Advocate’s Shine On campaign for businesses that supported and did what they could to help customers in a tough situation.

“It really means a lot to me. I normally work a lot of hours anyway but I really did spread myself thin,” she said.