Bylaw raises ire of home owner


To the Editor:

My daughter is a homeowner in the Town of Pictou. She recently experienced a sewer problem and had to get a plumbing company in to find her issue. The problem was determined to be somewhere between her basement and the sewer line.

The plumbing company notified the Town of Pictou Works Department that they had to do some digging to locate the problem. They promptly came to her location and that is when we were informed that if the problem was the line coming from the main to her home, the homeowner is completely responsible. The old policy was the homeowner was responsible from your home to the right of way of the street.

This is a change to the Town Policy that was made within the last year under the new town management. This makes the homeowner responsible for the complete repairs from the main sewer line to their home. If the mainline is under the street, repair costs can easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars, all at the cost of the homeowner! This change of policy is only public knowledge when a homeowner faces a problem with their sewer.

Pictou homeowners ask yourself: Why should I face financial ruin for a change in town policy that I, as a taxpayer, was never informed on or even had a say on?

This fall is municipal elections, ask those running for office: Who runs the town? And, do I want the town run strictly as a business or have the town run with a conscience, looking out for people who live in this town?

Richard Grant

Lyons Brook