Make the best of the situation and plan a stay-cation


To the Editor:

Summer is here and an Atlantic bubble has opened up allowing travel between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador. It is important to follow the guidelines for COVID-19 in order for safety to be maintained for all. People are planning vacation time and personally, I think staying in your own province is a great idea. I have talked with people over the years who have not seen much of their own province and some have not been out of their own county.

You do not have to go far to feel like you have been away if you have a time away from home and stay in a hotel or cabin or go camping. Travel in areas you have never been in your home province and see the beauty that so many visitors from away have spoken of all these years. It is now our turn to be a tourist in our own province. You can also travel to the provinces in the Atlantic bubble… PEI and New Brunswick are not far away. I have spoken with many who have not been to PEI so why not consider this as the year to see our close neighbouring provinces?

It is a disappointment not to be able to travel to see friends and family in other parts of Canada or other countries. This, too, shall change so in the mean time, you can choose to make the best of the situation we are all in.

Where to go in Nova Scotia? I would say is the first step: check out what attractions are open as many have chosen not to open this year due to COVID-19. There are some things that are slowly opening so it is best to check with tourism before planning your summer adventure: M6Ci7cXCvr-Aqbm1mUVcsF3U BwAwnMuvr581qsU2Y0hNk.

Follow the provincial health guidelines, stay safe and make the best of summer 2020.

Next year is coming and hopefully we will be able to travel where ever our hearts desire.

Brenda Sterling-Goodwin

New Glasgow