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Westville recreation bringing the fun back to summer

Daniel Rose and Gabby Smith are ready to have some fun this summer as they will be running the Westville Direct program that brings activities to your neighbourhood.
(Brimicombe photo)

Many aspects of summer seem to have been canceled this year due to the public health pandemic, but the Town of Westville is making sure everyone has a chance to have fun in the safest way possible.

Michael Thompson, recreation director for the Town of Westville, says the town is offering recreation programs this summer and has even added on to this to reach more residents by creating the Westville Direct program.

With the proper social distancing protocols in place and lots of kids being kept in their appropriate bubbles of friends, recreation is making sure that children from Westville and beyond have a good time this summer.

“Everything is highly documented,” said Thompson. As well as making sure the kids have a good time they are making sure everyone is safe doing it with five to 12 health checks through the day, regular temperature checks as well as physical distancing and lots of handwashing.

Thompson is particularly excited this year to be able to offer the Westville Direct program. The program came from Thompson and other town employees who wanted to be able to reach out to kids who might not be able to take part in recreation for some reason or another. The program has two summer students travelling to different parts of town for two-hour segments each day to host games and activities.

“This is the first year that we have done this,” said Thompson.

The Westville Direct program is free to those interested in taking part and the locations for each day’s activities are posted on the Town of Westville Facebook page. The Direct program as well as the recreation program, both of which are open to any residents of the county, are set to run until the end of August. He also added that the Westville splash pad will be opening for four 1/2 hour segments with weekend hours coming soon as well.

“We’re prepared to take on anything,” said Thompson.

Children play in groups during this year’s Westville recreation program, which has been taking lots of precautionary measures to make the program safe for everyone. (Brimicombe photo)