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The RCAF branch in Stellarton is welcoming another few pieces to their collection with the help of a local family who was interested in donating medals and documents of a family member who was killed in action in the Second World War.

Margaret and Raymond Murray look through the log and check out the medals of his family member Flight Lieutenant Elbert Alonzo Murray. (Brimicombe photo)

Margaret and Raymond Murray decided that a display might be the best place for Raymond’s cousin’s military belongings after spending years bouncing between family members. Raymond recalled that his aunt originally had the documents and medals for her son, Flight Lieutenant Elbert Alonzo Murray. He believes they then went to his cousin in the United States for a time, then to a local family member, and ended up with Raymond.

The memorabilia has been tucked away in a desk drawer for some time and the couple thought that it would be nice to have it displayed and honoured somewhere. Originally, they had contacted the Pictou County Military Museum, however, the museum’s David Avery thought the donation may best be suited to the local RCAF chapter.

“I just felt like this would be the place,” said Avery about the decision. He added it also seemed very suiting it go in the local Air Force collection at the building as Flight Lt. Murray was in the Air Force and originally from Stellarton.

Raymond mentioned that they had the medals for 10 or 12 years and as they grow older the couple wanted to make sure they would go where they would be recognized and appreciated.

“We wanted to donate it and put it where it belongs, put it somewhere it would be recognized,” said Margaret.

The couple feel that the mementos ended up in the perfect spot, coming full circle back to the airforce.

“The papers are all back home again,” said Raymond.

RCAF representative JC Clark was pleased to hear about the donation and added that they will fit nicely in with the collection of historical documents and memorabilia they have displayed of local Air Force veterans. “We have a few cabinets here with a lot of history,” he added.

The donation of the medals, as well as documents such as letters from the Air Force Chaplain to Flight Lt. Murray’s mother, a short history of his service and more, will be on display at the RCAF building for those who would like to stop in and view it along with other memorabilia.