Cool cats


New cat shelter gets a cool paint job

A local shelter for stray cats has received a home makeover that many would be jealous of in New Glasgow.

After a group of stray cats was left without shelter, MacGillivray Properties had a cat shelter created for the felines that are frequently in the area of the former Maritime Steel buildings. As part of the shelter and along with the new artwork going up on the former Roseland Theatre, artist Christian Toth was left to design the artwork and paint the new cat house.

“Jamie (MacGillivray) contacted me and said we have a lot of stray cats around from the old factory,” said Toth about how he came to be doing the project. The shelter is placed close to the treeline near Century Saw and Marine on the former Maritime Steel lot where the cats formerly resided.

As he spent time at the cat shelter creating his design and painting the building, Toth began adding to the design as those that have taken care of the cats over the years stopped by and told him about some of the area’s longest feline residents.

“Some of the stencils represent some of the cats that have been there for 10 plus years,” Toth said.

The artist said that he has worked with animal organizations and shelters in the past so he has experience creating pieces with animal themes.

Along with the stencils of the cats, Toth also put the words “Cat Patrol” across the building for a bit of character.

With all of the new art going downtown it seems as if in the past few years street art and the art of graffiti has become more popular.

“It’s become a popularized form of artwork,” said Toth. He added that as with many types of art it was something that was shunned at first but is now starting to come around, evident by his busy schedule, he said.

“I certainly wouldn’t have been able to beautify the sides of buildings… 15 or 20 years ago,” said Toth. “It’s become more accessible.”