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Local youth send care packages to Jamaican migrant workers

Some good news has been spread to migrant workers of a farm in Great Village.

After hearing of the opportunity to give back to her community through a Rising Youth grant, Brandi Medley wanted to share some Pictou County hospitality and put together some care packages to make the migrant workers feel more welcome.

Medley said that because of the historic ties between Jamaica and Nova Scotia, she wanted to reach out and let the workers know that they had support and friends in Nova Scotia.

“Although it’s only a one-time deal for this… it will make relationships with them for the future so they don’t feel so alone,” Medley said.

As they are coming into Canada from Jamaica, the workers have to isolate due to public health restrictions and the supplies will help them stay healthy and safe during their isolation before they can begin working.

Medley and friends used a combination of a list of requests that were made as well as a few things they knew the groups would need to create the care packages; the packs include items like kidney beans and rice and include items that the helpers knew the workers cooked with or would be a common meal for them.

Stacey Dlamini of Pictou County Roots for Youth, a representative organization for the Rising Youth grants and local youth shelter, mentioned the farm supervisors were very happy and supportive to hear about the supplies and care products the workers would be receiving to help them feel a bit more loved and welcome. Dlamini added that currently, Roots for Youth has been chosen to offer five grants and they have begun two projects — the care packages and the Black Lives Matter mural that is set to be painted in downtown New Glasgow. There are still three grants available and Dlamini encourages other youth to come forth with their community project ideas and make use of the grants offered to better their community.

“They should go out and do something if they can get the money,” encouraged Medley.