Parker re-offering for District 6

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Robert Parker is re-offering to represent the residents of District 6, in the Municipality of the County of Pictou, in this fall’s municipal election.

Parker has served on County Council since 2008 and was selected by his fellow councillors to serve as county warden for the last four years.

The veteran councillor says, “I am most proud of how hard this council has worked together to finally bring the beginning of quality, affordable high speed internet to all rural residents. Running closely behind, will be greatly improved cell service.” He feels that without these essential services, rural communities would gradually empty out and would not be able to attract new small businesses into those communities.

Parker feels the county is poised to offer much more in the area of recreation across the rural areas with the newly adopted County Recreation Policy. He points to recent new developments in District 6, led by local committees and supported by Municipal grants, at the Green Hill Look-off and the Salem Ballfield, as well as continuous trail developments spanning many districts. He is a big fan of local ‘gathering places’ that allow all ages from youth to seniors and everybody in between to enjoy the outdoors with both organized and unorganized activities. Parker emphasizes that these activities greatly enhance both physical and mental health, thanks to many local volunteers.

Parker is pleased that County Council has been able to maintain the current tax rate for the past four years for both residents and business. “This is crucial if we are to continue to attract new development as our high speed internet kicks in.”

He has always been a big supporter of agriculture and 4-H and feels the community is about to experience a new period of growth as more young people and people from other provinces, moving here, are starting to re-activate many of the area’s older farms that have gone dormant.

Other issues that Parker hopes to continue to work on include 1) Working with all 18 local fire departments to continue sustainability, both financial and volunteer wise. “I feel we owe a great thanks to all the volunteers in the fire departments who put their lives on the line and their families on hold for the rest of us.” 2) A new Climate Change Committee and measures to clean up the environment in the county, from litter on roadsides to backroad garbage dumps, to dangerous and unsightly properties. 3) Continuing to work with urban neighbours on projects that will benefit many rural residents such as the Trenton Park Re-vitalization, the new library in Pictou and the new expansion to the New Glasgow Farmer’s Market.

“I have always been a strong supporter of rural government for rural people, working co-operatively with our urban neighbours where there is a benefit for all.”

He points out that a recent achievement that the community of Salem in District 6 can look forward to is municipal water and sewer services for their community.

“We must and will continue to improve living conditions in rural Pictou County, while at the same time promoting our businesses, current and start-ups, so all who want to, can live here with their families.”