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Re: A baffled Francis MacMillan (former Trenton councillor )

To the Editor:

Thank you for your interest in the current Council in Trenton.

Elections often bring out the best and the worst in people. It is my belief that if you have to put someone down to make yourself look better, it says something more about you rather than the person you are putting down.

For two weeks now I have read letters to the editor from former councillor Francis MacMillan, putting down myself as mayor (a position he ran for in 2016) and three other council members (excluding Donnie Hussher).

Mr. MacMillan loves quoting figures, he unfortunately only tells half truths in hopes that it makes Council look bad.

To be clear, he complained that this Council just recently took “big fat raises” — 11 per cent for mayor and 23 per cent for councillors. He had stated that every council generally gets a six per cent increase every year. So to be clear, when the current Trenton councillors were elected, they made the exact same amount that Mr. MacMillan made when he left Council in October of 2016, and received an increase of two per cent in the budget for 2017 and 2018.

In January of 2019, the government did away with the 1/3 tax exemption that elected officials received up until then. At that time a majority of councils throughout NS opted to take an increase in budget 2019 to cover the lost wages that they had been receiving previously. The Council in Trenton decided that because we weren’t in a position financially to do this, that we would have to just personally take a loss until the next budget year.

In the budget of 2020, the current Council voted to take an increase that would put us back to where we originally were in 2018. So to be clear, the current Council took a LOSS for 16 months and will only be brought back to 2018 salary from May-October of this year.

This means that according to the figures that Mr. MacMillan quoted, the previous Council of 2012-2016, which included Donnie Hussher and Francis MacMillan, actually took home more money from 2012-2016 than the current Council took home from 2016-2020.

It is disappointing that Mr. MacMillan chooses to run his campaign through letters to the editor, in an attempt to put his fellow candidates down.

As the old saying goes, figures never lie, but liars figure.

Shannon MacInnis