Former councillor running again in Pictou

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Former town councillor Cam Beaton is seeking a position on Pictou Town Council in the upcoming municipal election.

Beaton served in the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy) from 1966 to 1976, had a 34-year career at Michelin Tires and is currently chairman of the Community Advisory Board for the 144 Construction Engineering Flight Reserve Unit in Pictou.

“My family and I have lived in Pictou for 44 years and could not think of a better place to call home.”

Beaton served on council previously for four years with one and a half years as deputy mayor. During that time he served on many commissions, committees and boards. The PAR Library Board, PAR Library Finance Committee, deCoste Center, Pictou Library Committee, Fisheries Museum Board, Ship Hector Board, Hector Rink Commission, Hall of Fame Board, Recreation Commission, Pictou Council Fire Dept. rep, and 144 CEF Community Advisory Board.

“I have the experience and the desire to be part of the team that will lead Pictou forward on a positive footing. We will make Pictou a better place for residents to live, work, raise families and retire. We will encourage visitors to discover what we all know and love.”

While COVID-19 has affected the community, county and world, Beaton believes Pictou is positioned to come out of the pandemic on the positive side “and re-establish itself as the place in Nova Scotia to live and visit.”

He says, “Now that we have a larger commercial presence at the entry to town appealing to the travelling public to visit, we must enhance that with eye-catching signage that will direct visitors downtown, to the heart of Pictou and all that we have to offer there.”

Beaton says he would like to see the commercial environment continue to grow by encouraging new business to Pictou. “A larger commercial tax base will provide the funding required to improve and extend our infrastructure, while maintaining stability or reducing the tax burden on residents.”

The candidate also wants the town’s youth to be encouraged to participate and provide input in decisions that will affect their future. He’s also encouraging more retirement rental accommodations so seniors unable to continue with housing upkeep will be able to stay and enjoy their retirement years here, rather than move to other areas of the province.

“For the safety and security of all residents, I will not be campaigning door to door, but would be pleased to speak with you at your convenience, wherever, whenever.”