Stroud enters mayoral race in Stellarton

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Darren Stroud has decided to offer as mayor to the Town of Stellarton.

Stroud was born and raised a Stellarton Royal and (SHS) Warrior, grad class of ’92. He began his professional career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Halifax in 1999 where he earned his Chartered Accountant designation and is currently the vice president Finance and Administration at J.J. MacKay Canada Limited, parent company of U.S. subsidiary MacKay Meters, Inc., where he is responsible for all financial activities and oversight of administration including contract negotiations for the MacKay group of companies.

Since returning home with his wife Olivia and family in 2008, Stroud has proven a deep commitment to contributing his personal and professional skills regularly to the community. “I’m a firm believer that many hands make light work and the strength of a community is drawn from its citizens.”

Among other volunteer efforts, Stroud is a member on the Board of Deacons at Bethel Baptist Church in Westville, vice president of Pictou County Lightning Basketball Association and has recently chaired a Stellarton citizens group over the past 18 months successfully co-ordinating the efforts and expertise of local citizens, businesses, and trades people in a study of the condition and potential re-purposing of the Stellarton Memorial Rink building.

“If favoured with the people’s vote, I will work diligently to ensure open and two-way communication is achieved inside and outside Council chambers,” Stroud says.

“Stellarton citizens will be heard and represented. I will draw on my proven abilities learned through hands-on experience in both business and government sectors to unite council and foster informed, productive decisions.”

He notes the community has recently experienced significant employment loss with the close of the local pulp and paper mill. “The resulting economic impact to our community has not yet been fully realized. Council will require strong expertise at the table to navigate our town to ensure a most cost effective and responsible path forward. I will apply my proven experience with people, finance and business to foster a most productive environment to this end.”