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Designated caregivers visits to begin at Glen Haven Manor

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NEW GLASGOW – Glen Haven Manor has begun the orientation process for designated caregivers.

All designated caregivers were contacted after the initial announcement was made to inform residents and families that these caregivers would be promptly identified and contacted. Educational tools to help explain the public health measures in place have also been created which will give the designated caregivers the necessary information regarding established protocols and procedures. 

Outdoor, curbside visits concluded last weekend due to the onset of cooler weather. These time slots on the weekend are now transferred to indoor visits. There will now be approximately 100 visits facilitated per week at Glen Haven, which include both the regular indoor visits and designated caregiver visits.

Glen Haven has also facilitated palliative care and other needed compassionate visits in addition to the above-mentioned visits throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so. A few family members have also accompanied their loved ones on medical appointments, and these are evaluated on an individual basis.

In the coming weeks there will be direct communications and discussions with all families regarding visits and care needs while the weekly resident updates provided to the families by our nurses will continue.

Fred Baines, designated caregiver for his wife Edie, adds that his whole family is very happy to hear about the opportunity for his designated caregiver visits.  “I am thrilled to be able to do this. I would visit regularly prior to the pandemic and I know she was missing my visits. To be able to be close to her again, and to tell her I love her, and to tell her this as many times as I can means everything.  I can easily recognize many of her nuances and could not be more pleased to support those providing care. This is a new beginning.”

Keith Gallant, designed caregiver for his mother, Isabelle, says he is looking forward to have quality time with his mother as well as to have the opportunity to help lighten the load of the Glen Haven staff who he says have taken on many extra duties since the pandemic began. “My mom has been there for 10 years and she is now 100. As a former nurse, she would appreciate the wonderful care and that everyone plays their part. It will be wonderful to spend this time with her and to help. I am truly grateful for everything everyone at Glen Haven has done. There is attention to every detail, from care and special bond with residents, to the cleaning, to the meals, grounds and maintenance of the facility.”

“Protecting health and well-being of our residents is always paramount. We thank the many families who have reached out to us over these months for their encouragement and support as we all navigate these unprecedented times together to protect the most vulnerable,” says CEO Lisa M. Smith.

“Our Pandemic Preparedness Plan has been strong and effective and continues to be based on the pillars of vigilance, diligence and compassion. Soon the epidemiology results of back to school, Labour Day Weekend and return of university students will be known and will provide evidence to help shape the next steps.”

“It was wonderful to see and hear the excitement of the designated caregivers as they learned they will soon be able to provide direct care to their loved ones through tasks such as feeding, mobility support and communications assistance,” adds Donna MacLane, director of Community, Engagement & Relationships. “We are thrilled to welcome them back to Glen Haven in this important role.”