Letter not personal attack, but critical of decisions


To the Editor:

Response to Mayor’s “The Rest of the Story”

First, let me say he is incorrect in stating that I said that they received a six percent raise each year. As he himself stated that they received 2 percent in 2017, 2 percent in 2018, but does not include the 2.9 percent they should have received in 2019 as per the CPI.

In the first paragraph of my Sept.9 letter concerning raises by the mayor and councillors of Trenton, I stated they received an automatic raise yearly and how the amount is determined. In paragraph two I stated that since 2017 they have received a minimum of six percent, meaning in total between 2017 and 2020 and not yearly as the mayor’s interpretation as stated by him.

The new rates as of May 2020 are for mayor $20,000 per year and for councillors is $10,000 per year and will automatically increase yearly as per Town Elected Official Remuneration Policy.

However, I admit I was not aware that the tax free one-third of their pay was no longer tax free beginning in 2019. In any case it should not fall on the taxpayers of Trenton to cover what the Income Tax System determined they should be taxed on. I believe his final statement calls me a liar and I failed to see where I have lied.

My two letters were not meant as personal criticism on the mayor and councillors. They were meant as criticism of their decisions in council on behalf of the citizens of Trenton.

Francis MacMillan