Daley running for council in Ward 3

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Elizabeth Daley is running for New Glasgow Council seeking a seat as councillor for Ward 3.

“I moved to New Glasgow in 1995 and have lived on the Westside since my arrival; I’m on my third residence…but still on the Westside,” she laughs.

Since she arrived, Daley has worked at three different financial institutions — the New Glasgow Credit Union, the Bank of Montreal, and currently at RBC. “My husband and I have also raised our three children here, all of whom are now in university. I have volunteered at A. G. Baillie, New Glasgow Academy and North Nova Education Centre; have been on school advisory councils, and in the music programs at NGA and North Nova. I was on the Race on the River Board for 10 years, starting at inception. I have volunteered with VON, and the food bank, and the Pictou County Fuel Fund. I enjoy giving back to my community.”

While she has always followed politics at every level, she feels she has some new views to bring to the table on a municipal level.

“Our town is doing well, but I want it to do even better. New Glasgow should be a welcoming, open community, with transparency in dealings, and logic behind decisions. We have a wonderfully diverse, and creative population, and we need to encourage all who are here, and all who come to make New Glasgow their home, to enjoy their lives and utilize their talents to the fullest. New businesses should always be made welcome, not only because of the obvious infrastructure boost, but because new alongside the tried and true make us better.”

She says, “I will try to serve the residents of Ward 3 by bringing their concerns to Council, and using my position to make changes when necessary. I am not afraid to go against the grain if it is needed. I can’t promise I will always be successful, but I’ll certainly give it my all.”

Daley believes there may be an opportunity for towns to share some services and costs if they make fiscal sense. “Being a banker, I do know that there are only two ways to increase wealth: make more or spend less. Although new business and new residents increase our tax base, if it is not enough, we need to curtail our spending. If elected, I will be voting for what is fiscally responsible.”

Daley is campaigning but is not going door to door during this age of COVID-19. She can be reached at 902-928-0023, by email, elizabethdaley2020@gmail.com or through Facebook.