Turner looking for third term in District 8

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Representing District 8 for the past two terms, Larry Turner is re-offering for a third term.

District 8 includes the communities of Abercrombie, Granton, Alma, Greenhill, Munro Avenue, Westville Road, and Mount William.

“As we look to the future, it’s important to recognize the hard work of the councils that have come before us. Moving forward as a municipality, there are many responsibilities and complex problems that will call on our best abilities,” he says.

Turner feels some of the issues the next council will face are building a commercial and residential tax base, dealing with the issue of rural depopulation, developing a plan to address the need for environmental sustainability, and building value in communities by securing funding for community halls, cemeteries, fire departments and recreation facilities. “To achieve these objectives, we have to re-imagine our future. We don’t have to look very far.”

He says one tool that will help with the tax base problem, and that will help with the issue of rural depopulation, is the development of high-speed internet and reliable cell service. The current council has been developing a plan to address this issue. “And I have had the opportunity to be part of the committee that is driving this initiative. It will take a clear focus and leadership to move this forward.”

Another issue that is of great concern and importance to Turner is the safety of those using the Trenton Connector intersection. “As councillor, I have been able to facilitate meetings regarding this community concern which have resulted in TIR investigating solutions to ensure a safer intersection. I remain committed to continuing to push for a safer interchange.”

The Westville Road sidewalk is another safety issue that Turner intends to make a priority and advocate for a safer pedestrian sidewalk from the Wellness Centre to the New Glasgow town limits.

“Sewer and water projects for District 8 areas are critically important to residential and commercial development. As infrastructure money becomes available, I will continue to advocate for services and bring these projects to the council for approval.”

The veteran councillor says he is excited to have an opportunity in bringing to life the county’s recreational strategy to enhance the quality of life for rural communities.

“Ensuring transparency in council, keeping residents informed, and access to county services for all residents is of great importance to me. I would like to see social media used to broadcast council meetings. I’m committed to being accessible to all residents and seeking feedback on issues that affect our communities.

“The strategic thinking, communication, management, financial and leadership skills that I bring to the role of councillor, combined with council committee assignments I have held, prepared me to effectively deal with the issues facing our county.”