‘If it ain’t broke …’


To the Editor:

I am a very proud resident of Stellarton. Since the present council was elected in 2016, I have attended 95 per cent of the meetings until COVID-19 hit. I have observed firsthand how well they work together.


1) No tax increase in the town for the last four years. Their thought was low taxes create investment. We pay the lowest taxes in the five towns of Pictou County; four new businesses in the Business Park. There are more inquiries but COVID-19 has slowed things down for now.

2) All the water and sewer replacement, paved streets and sidewalks.

3) Put money in Town Barn – for workers – showers and lockers.

4) Town is very well groomed and flowers in place. Residents often comment how beautiful the town looks.

5) Hired new staff in the Town Hall: police chief, fire chief, town engineers and new town clerk (the staff in office are great).

6) First town in Pictou County to put council meetings live on You Tube. Open and transparent.

These are but some of their accomplishments. I could go on and on.

My hope is that the residents see this and vote our present council back in for all their hard work.

“If something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.”

Brian Atkinson