Town of Pictou voters: Be aware


To the Editor

As I read the latest edition of The Advocate, I see that several Town of Pictou councillors are re-offering. In their notice of re-offering the say “they are committed to work as hard as they can on your behalf.”

Where is that commitment whey they change town policy without consultation or input from the town residents? The responsibility of the home owner to have total responsibility for the sewer line from the sewer mainline to the home. A financial responsibility that if required to replace or repair could financially ruin the average homeowner. Both the incumbents say “they would like to attract new and current residents to grow our town.”

By increasing the home owner’s financial responsibilities in event of a sewer issue is not the way to keep current residents or encourage new residents to come or stay in this town.

Voters, before you vote in October, ask yourselves: Do I want councillors that promise to act on your behalf, then when elected do very little on your behalf?

Richard Grant

Lyons Brook