Aberdeen celebrating Breastfeeding Week

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It’s Breastfeeding Week in Canada, October 1-7th 2020, to promote the importance of breastfeeding.

This year’s theme is “Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet.”

Breastfeeding contributes to a healthier planet by….

  • Being environmentally friendly, there is no packaging or waste
  • Being low cost, convenient and readily available
  • Reducing baby’s exposure to the effects of toxins in the environment
  • Continuing to provide optimal nutrition for babies during an emergency or natural disaster.
  • Helping to protect babies and children from infections and strengthen their immunity.

Aberdeen Antenatal Clinic will support women during their pregnancy. Pregnant women will also receive an information package at pre-registration. After delivery ,a healthcare team will support moms’ breastfeeding journey. All staff on the Women’s and Children’s Unit  receive extensive training to help mothers and their babies achieve their breastfeeding goals as well as having a lactation consultant available on staff. After discharge an appointment will be made at the Post Natal Baby Clinic for ongoing support.

This year as other years, the Aberdeen Hospital Women’s & Children’s Unit will be providing a new mother and baby a gift to celebrate breastfeeding week!

New mom Nicole Ross, with new dad, Robert Murphy and baby boy Frederick, their first baby, celebrate with nurse Chantelle Walsh/ The family received lots of goodies – including the quilt. (Submitted photo)