Egg recall

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On October 7, following a routine protocol, Hilly Acres Farm, in Cape Breton, began a voluntary recall of eggs due to a possible Salmonella concern.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency was notified and has since issued a formal recall of specific egg products as a precaution.

Hilly Acres Farm sell eggs mainly throughout Cape Breton and western Newfoundland. Only eggs with best before dates between September 2 to October 31, 2020 that are from “Hilly Acres” or identified with the lot code “38” or “N38” or with no code are impacted by the product recall.

If you have eggs with these codes and dates, or cannot identify the code on your egg carton, please follow the recall process identified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Where’s the code?

Look at the end of the egg carton to find the code. If your egg cartons do not show 38 or N38, and show a different code, (example: N1, N5, N32, N50, etc.) your eggs are not impacted by this recall.

In Canada, all regulated egg farmers observe strict food safety and biosecurity guidelines to ensure eggs sold at retail and to foodservice are of the highest possible quality. This process includes regular testing for Salmonella. In this case, Salmonella was found on the premises but not in the eggs. Proper handling and cooking of eggs will kill any Salmonella bacteria found in an egg.