Pettipas running for council, says transparency is needed

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Lifetime Pictou resident Kevin Pettipas has decided to run for town council.

“I am about change,” he says. “We need transparency and accountability in our town. We also need to attract business to town. With the way the province and country is at the moment we are all going to be fighting for our towns and cities to survive. We have to market our little hidden gem properly or we are going to be left behind when the economy opens back up.

“This is not a time for back room deals or secret agendas; every resident should be treated equally,” he says.

Pettipas says the way to achieve transparency is simple: “The first thing that must happen is all public meetings must be streamed on the website so everyone can see who is fighting for what.”

Pettipas says he represents a change in government. “The only true promise I can make is I will fight the hardest I can for what is best for our town and all citizens alike.”