Slowik running for town council in New Glasgow’s Ward 3

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New Glasgow’s Michael Slowik is throwing his hat into the political arena and running for town council.

The 31-year-old resident of Ward 3 says, “I think our government should work for us. I think we need to look forward, we need to innovate, and we need to work together to make New Glasgow live up to its full potential. We live in an area with incredibly talented artists, world class musicians, and tradespeople known coast to coast for their skill and work ethic, and I think we’re capable of truly realizing that potential if we work towards doing so.”

He adds, “It is my belief that both Ward 3 and the town as a whole would be better served by a councillor who is more focused on, and can more easily relate to a younger generation. Someone with new ideas, a different perspective on how we create jobs, and how we help make our community work for everyone.”

The status quo is not acceptable to this candidate.

“Four more years of kicking the can isn’t acceptable. We need to grow, and we need to adapt to a world that’s a much different place than it was even just a few short months ago.”

Being a town councillor and representing the residents of Ward 3 is not something Slowik is taking lightly. “If I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve as a councillor, I plan to make that my top priority. I want to work with our business owners, our community and charitable organizations, and anyone else who wants to share their opinions or concerns. And I want people to see what an honest, dedicated, and ambitious councillor can do. We all deserve the best, and I’m confident I can be that.”