Stewart seeking second term on Trenton town council

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Trenton town councillor Steven Stewart is looking for a second term on council.

Stewart, who was elected in 2016, says there is a lot of work to be done to move the town forward.

“In the past four years there were a number of issues that cost more money than was anticipated and this put a burden on Trenton finances,” he says.

Stewart states that he previously ran on opening the campground in the park and having Main Street paved, but only Main Street got paved and the Smelt Brook culvert was replaced, which depleted the monies.

“At this time, the 2020 fiscal year showed results of roughly $360,000 which was used in part to cover the 2019 deficit results. Cash position was enhanced by introducing tighter collection processes which represented a sizable portion of the cash shortfall in the previous year close. At this time in 2019 the town was $39,000 in the red. With tough decisions and back tax and back water collections as of September 28, 2020, the town was $377,000 in the black in the audited financial statement,” Stewart says. “This is a substantial boost for the town.”

Stewart says some new hires in Public Works means the town has the ability to “do more in house work and reduce the cost to operate. This also applies to the Recreation Department so we can have more programs for seniors and children.”

Regarding the park revitalization project, Stewart notes it will allow for persons with disabilities to participate in activities that were not accessible before and become more active.

“The playground on Chestnut Street will have new equipment installed shortly and the rec department is looking at other venues to add to for citizens to enjoy such as the trail system that runs from Main Street to the park behind the airport.”

He expects paving to start shortly on Maple Street from Oak to Diamond streets.

If elected, Stewart says he will do his best to represent the citizens and direct the town forward

He currently is employed with the Province as a heavy equipment operator and inspector and a former public works manager and former full time fire pump operator and paramedic.

Stewart says he was humbled that he was elected by his peers to sit on the town’s caucus with the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities for the last three years, which has only five elected members.

Stewart was raised in Trenton, was educated in the town’s schools an also worked at what was known as the Car Works, so he understands hardships in Trenton. “But with the plant gone we have to move forward and make new opportunities for the citizens.”

Council is currently working on plans to add amenities such as a gas station, a medical office and other commercial entities. “Together we can make it happen.”

For information call (902) 752-2314 or (902) 759-4943.