Hear ye, hear ye!

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Listen to the local news stories from the Pictou Advocate, available online at the library

The Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library is thrilled to be able to share a snapshot of local weekly news, in partnership with the Pictou Advocate and Sea Level Sound.

The project is the outcome of many months of work, and discussion with Jackie Jardine and editorial staff of The Pictou Advocate, Julie Martin with Visually Impaired Pictou County, Matt Kenny with Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library, and Gord and Cheryl Stenrud with Sea Level Sound in Eureka, Pictou County. The result is the News Out Loud – a weekly audio recording of selected local news stories and community events as reported in the current edition of the Pictou Advocate.  

Gord and Cheryl Stensrud shared, “As a couple of former teachers, we are lucky to be able to combine a love of the library with some recording studio magic and lend a hand on this project. It’s been fun working with Matt and Jackie to get this happening and hopefully people who may not be able to access a hard copy of the paper will give it a listen.” Cheryl is the current voice of the “News Out Loud”.

The News Out Loud is recorded on Wednesday afternoons, and uploaded later that evening or the following Thursday morning, to the library’s website – ready for listening to at www.parl.ns.ca/services/newsoutloud.php.  The library also carries a full subscription to printed editions of the newspaper, that are available for library patrons to browse while visiting the library. 

Cheryl Stensrud (seated) is the voice of News Out Loud, Gord Stensrud (left), recording engineer with Sea Level Sound and Matt Kenny (right), Emerging Technologies Assistant with Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library.