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Accolades for the Aberdeen

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The Aberdeen Hospital was named first hospital within Nova Scotia Health to be awarded “Baby-Friendly” designation by Breastfeeding Committee for Canada.

It is one of only three hospitals in Atlantic Canada to receive this designation.

“It is known that the work involved in achieving designation results in improved health outcomes for both mothers and also newborns with evidence demonstrating that breast feeding improves population health: it promotes brain development and reduces the risk of obesity in children and protects women against breast and ovarian cancer and diabetes,” said Sally Loring, senior director, Women & Children’s Health Program at Nova Scotia Health via a press release.

The Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) is an evidence-based international initiative to protect, promote and support breast feeding. It is now a globally recognized indicator of maternal and child health that was started in the 90s by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF

This award is as a result of approximately five years’ work.  

“The fact that our journey towards this designation has been several years in the making really reflects the hospital’s commitment to ensure that we provide a high standard of care to each woman who delivers here,” said Deborah MacDonald, manager, Women & Children’s Health Program / Palliative Care, Aberdeen Hospital.