Feelin’ fit: How to keep your New Year’s resolution

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Most people have made a health-related New Year’s resolution at some point in their life and with January approaching the mid-month mark, resolutioners are coming out seeking to make this year a better one for themselves.

It can be hard to stick to those resolutions so The Advocate spoke with some local gyms to find out how you can get the most of your fitness resolutions.

“Unless you actually want to make the change — like you want to start going to the gym — it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, regardless January 1, March 1, whatever…if you want to make a change you’ve got to just get up and do it,” said Lori Gillin, co-owner of Northern Grit Fitness on Westville Road.

“I would also add they have to have a why. Why do they want to make a change and don’t try to change too many things at once; don’t say ‘I’m going to give up alcohol and sugar and carbs and work out five times a week,” added the gym’s other co-owner, Travis Gunn.

The pair have seen a bit of an increased interest so far in January for new members although they added that the pandemic has thwarted the numbers a bit as people are a lot more hesitant to be out.

Gunn also recommends reading books on making changes in your lifestyle to help give yourself the tools to continue a resolution for the whole year or more.

“A lot of our members here stick with it because they form a connection and they book classes together and so I think it’s the social component that brings them back. And so if you’re going to try to make a change, find a buddy or someone to do it with,” said Gunn. “An accountability partner or group.”

Pete Guthro of Pete Guthro’s Downtown Fitness Studio also had some tips for those looking to step into fitness in the new year. With the year that just passed he shared that the upswing in people coming to the gym has rung true even with the pandemic.

“My tips for any beginners starting at the gym is to start slow, ask for help, and don’t set your goals too high at first!” he said.

This gym owner said that the key to keeping your fitness goal for more than just a few months is consistency, seeing some results helps people return and continue going to the gym. Guthro also recommends talking with a personal trainer as well since many people arrive at the gym and don’t know what to do or where to start and can often end up doing the same thing over and over.

The important steps aren’t just at the gym and during your workout though. he shares. “Joining a gym is great but starting at home with habits like eating healthier, drinking more water, walking or moving more is the first step. The second step is to join a local gym and ask for help!”

Calls to the Pictou County YMCA, Goodlife Fitness and Alpha Power were not returned as of press time.

Travis Gunn uses the rowing machine at Northern Grit Fitness on Westville Road. (Brimicombe photo)