Westville Boxing Club on the move

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The Westville Boxing club has made the long-awaited move to a new space.

Having been practising in a dome building in Westville, Aaron Kinch, coach and owner of the club is happy to have a proper place for his students to be able to practise and learn new skills.

“It’s been three years with no heat and no power,” he said about the former building. The club has since moved into the basement of the former school board building on Westville Road which has been turned into a business complex by Paul Quinn.

Currently, the club is free to attend for kids ages 18 and under to get exercise, learn how to box, and if they choose, they can even compete once they become familiar with the skills involved in boxing. His youngest student is only five years old.

“I started training when I was 10 years old,” said Kinch about how he became involved in boxing. “It kept me out of trouble.”

After suffering a brain hemorrhage, Kinch decided he wanted to give back to the community through boxing and help other kids the way the sport helped him when he was younger. Recognizing that the cost of the sport has gone up since his days in the ring is why he wanted to make his program free — to allow access for anyone who wishes to take part.

The gym began as a recreational boxing gym but as some of the students progressed they asked if they could compete in cards. The last fight night that club members attended was the past October in New Waterford. Currently, Kinch said that he has students who come from Thorburn, Salt Springs, Pictou and Trenton.

The gym is much more than just a space to train for Kinch though, he enjoys teaching his students and watching their progression as they get the hang of things.

“Kids coming and not knowing what to do at all and then watching them get into the ring,” Kinch said is a cool experience. He mentioned that the Westville Boxing club is also happy to accommodate those with disabilities like those in wheelchairs or with Parkinson’s who want to participate.

Those who are interested in the club can find more information on the club’s Facebook page.

Hunter Naugle and coach Aaron Kinch at the Westville Boxing Club’s new location on Westville Road. (Brimicombe photo)